Burgess Hill Food Pantry

Why,who and what

The pantry stemmed from a local charity that was set up in October 2013 our aim is to help local families during the Christmas period but we have since learnt that people are requiring or help all year round I have experienced firsthand the need for help when it comes to food currently have about 50 families which is 90 children that we have helped since 2013 we have provided many food parcels over that time will try not to be too formal people can call us   Or message us on Facebook we ask a few details who lives in the house and the background of your current situation 

 We check they have already used there 4 food bank vouchers from the local food bank .

 People need a food Pantry for different reasons, some  have just lost there job or have had a relationship breakdown , apartner has left the house who was claiming benefits or was the person earning the money. waiting for benefit claims to come through can take weeks with no income ,we also have some disabled families that need help for a longer time .The local Burgess Hill  food bank does give us some of their surplus food which helps immensely I also volunteer for the local food bank which is open two days a week which is in a local church .

each week people call us or Facebook us asking for help we put together a box with about five meals plus cereals and a few extras to get them through the next five days.

all our food has to be nine fresh nine frozen and nine fridge.

we generally give stuff to make a curry, pasta bake, Shepard’s pie ,sausage casserole, breakfast and tea and coffee we now also try and supply families with loo roll and shampoo and sanitary items if needed and if we have them in our beauty bank.